Welcome to visit us in OCP Global Summit  3/14-3/15 2019 San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA. You can find Auras at B16      
Auras believes that sound corporate governance system to ensure that shareholders and to enhance corporate value. The Company in accordance with fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility lesson implementation of corporate governance, in addition to strengthen the functions of the Board is committed to play a supervisor function, and the importance of shareholder and stakeholder rights and transparency of information disclosure to ensure that the information accurate, timely and fair, and build a complete cum internal audit of the internal control system and effective compliance and enforcement. If you have any information, please check the stock market observatory double-hung publicly available financial information. 
We welcome you to join us at Auras Technology Co., Ltd., where you will be working side-by-side with industry elites and realize your full potential with the aid of comprehensive learning programs and career planning.