Business philosophy

Business philosophy
Value and Business Philosophy  
Innovation Commitment Coprosperity
Innovation:The continuous improvement in products、technique and processing to create new value.
Commitment:Good Attitude of technique、work and quality brings out a promise to success.
Coprosperity:Grow up with mutual support through cross- departments cooperation, and endeavor to profit and proud thereof.
Extension of knowledge consists of the investigation of things
To understand the truth by thorough understanding of the whole course of an event from beginning to end.
Thoroughly understand the foundation and truth of each, and conclude them into systematic knowledge. Apply these conclusions into your work, and implement and improve in each processing with exhaustive attitude.
The continuous improvement process based on Six Sigma.
Manager principles
Only the one who is able to take responsibilities is qualified to be granted the power from the company.
The manager of Auras must fulfill the following principles.
*You need to investigate problems, judge and figure out real situations.
*While your team members are suffering in difficulties or troubles, you should always be there until their problems have been solved. 
*You must encourage your team members at all times to achieve higher objectives or overcome the difficulties.
*You must to be a pioneer to initiate new strategies or ideas; by means of effective implementation and continuous process improvement to enhance team performance.
*You must deliver effectively the company’s goal, value, culture and approaches to your team members until they are fully aware and make sure they can execute.